CHILD - TIES - Face Mask

Getting children to actually wear their masks can be tricky - it's so much easier when they can choose their fabrics and experience the excitement of having a mask made custom just for them. I love to shop for fabric, so if there is something that they would love to have on a mask, let me know and I will do my best to find a fabric that matches their interests. 

CHILD - TIES - Face Mask

  • Fabric Face Mask w/ around the head ties

    • 3 layers of die-cut 100% cotton fabric for extra protection
    • Reversible! One mask = Two different looks
    • Made with real wire inserts on both top & bottom seams for a custom, comfortable fit.  *No pipe-cleaners, bag ties, rolled aluminum foil here!  
    • Comes with around the head ties. Optional cord locks available for the perfect custom fit. 
    • Designed to allow for easy switching out of ties - no sewing required.  
    • Every seam (internal & external) is backstitched for longevity. These are built to last! 
    • Finished ends to prevent fraying.
    • Sturdy and machine washable.     
    • Carefully crafted and custom made for each person.

    Thoughtfully made with solid construction, comfort and style in mind.

  • I stand by my work. If something isn't right, let me know and I will fix it. Your job is to be super-duper happy, my job is to keep you that way.