Custom Vinyl Printing Add-On

Starting at just $3.00 for one area of single color text - It's super easy to add a name, title or slogan to your mask, hat or other items.


If you have something larger or more complicated than a simple name or phrase in mind, reach out with your project idea and we will customize a game plan to bring your ideas to life. **Additional areas, colors or logos may require an extra charge.** 

You can reach us at for more info. 


Include this add-on in your order for each item you would like customized.


Example A.

You order 5 masks and would like 3 of them to have a name added. You would place 3 "Vinyl Add-Ons" in your cart. One for each mask you want customized. 


Example B. 

You order 1 mask but would like a name and a small single color logo or picture added. You would place 2 "Vinyl Add-Ons" in your cart. 


Example C. 

You would like a multi-color, complicated logo or design added. Please reach out via email so we can better meet your needs. 










Custom Vinyl Printing Add-On